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Denise Mancour

I invite you to share with me through my paintings and... “feel in your own heart” ...
the beauty of God’s creation.


Specializing in Oils
Oil on Paper
Oil on Belgian Linen

Limited Edition
Giclee Prints

Lake Tahoe
La Quinta


Artist Statement


The beauty of God’s creation is awe-inspiring. I live in Lake Tahoe in the summer and LaQuinta, CA in the winter and spend parts of spring and fall in my Michigan studio. The mountains and the desert are incredible and I am blessed with the best of both worlds.

I am overwhelmed by the magnificence of God’s creation. My aim is not true-to-life realism or to “re-create” what has been done to perfection but to respond to those feelings of beauty...to share what is felt in my heart.

Contemporary with a touch of orient describes the majority of my work. The "flow" of the paintings come from another form of art: music. I love to listen to music when I paint. The movement of the music inspires the color, form, line and texture. I also enjoy learning the techniques of artists from the past. They have inspired the elegance found in my figure series and in my oil paintings on Belgian linen. We all observe so differently and I enjoy painting "variations on a theme" as demonstrated in the "Loving Leaves" series.

Paper... I love painting on paper. Oil on paper dries quickly, which allows me to detail with pen and ink. This technique provides the flow and openness not found in canvas oil paintings. The "Loving Leaves" series is painted on a stiff canvas (not stretched) on which I create wonderful texture and detail with pen and ink. The more formal paintings are done on Belgian linen and I will experiment with oil and silk in the future. Pencil is another medium I enjoy because of its versatility of texture. Pencil is used to create the lines and soft edge of the figure drawings. Limited edition giclee prints are made on the finest papers and canvas and come with a certificate of authenticity.

I invite you to share with me through my paintings and...
                        "feel in your own heart" ... the beauty of God's creation.



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